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CHARISMA Non surgical Slimming clinic and Wellness Center is one of Hyderabad’s renowned facility that boasts of path breaking cosmetic care to address obesity, hair and skin problems. The clinic makes use of transformational advances in technology for wellness, beauty and weight management. We excel in providing non-surgical and permanent solutions that are cost-effective and also deliver tremendous success rates in the health care and cosmetic care market in the region.

What started as a modest facility to serve the growing needs of Hyderabad’s populace in cosmetic care, CHARISMA Non Surgical Slimming Clinic and Wellness Center today has expanded both in terms of its physical presence and also the gamut of services offered. The experts at the clinic undergo intensive training at leading facilities in India and abroad and are certified as per the industry standards to perform advanced procedures that add more life to years rather than mere years to life.

We offer a holistic range of services for Skin, Hair and Weight management. Leveraging our years of experience in the field, we have added value, happiness and confidence to thousands of patients from different walks of the society. A truly enchanting and invigorating experience, our customers rediscover themselves at CHARISMA Non surgical Slimming clinic and Wellness Center in experiencing wellness, beauty and improved self esteem.


Highly insightful team of experts who continue to innovate, devise and adopt modern practices in the field of health care by using their years of experience, to derive utmost customer satisfaction.