1 Session Miracle - Permanent Inch loss in Single Session

"Lose 3-4 inches from waist in Just 1 Session"
Charisma has introduced the revolutionary non-invasive 3 dimensional technology for sustainable and Instant Inch Loss, Cellulite Removal, Skin Tightening & Weight Loss. The term cryolipolysis can be divided into “cryo” which is cold or freezing, “lipo” which means fat and “lysis” which means to break apart. Therefore when combined, cryolipolysis means the destruction of fat cells by freezing or cooling. The fat cells that are exposed to the cold will disintegrate in a process of natural cell death also known as apoptosis.


The lipids that are released in this process are progressively eliminated by natural metabolic activities over the time following the procedure. Regular Therapy post this treatment helps to optimize the elimination of fat cells. Cryolipolysis affects only fat cells, since they are more sensitive to cold than other cells. Hence fat is removed while sparing neighboring skin, muscles and nerves. This non-invasive technique offers an alternative to liposuction for those who wish to avoid the risks and recuperation time inherent to surgical procedures. Best results are obtained on persons that have a healthy weight and diet, but wish to get rid of resistant fat bulges.