When your hair starts shedding excessively, it is not just the scalp that starts showing. Along with the hair, the self-confidence of an individual also goes way down. Hair can easily and drastically change the overall appearance of an individual. Hair loss can be depressive and traumatic. With excessive hair fall, it is always advisable to go to hair regrowth clinics for finding an apt solution to the problem. 

charisma is the best and most famous clinic consisting of a team of male and female doctors which can easily cure the problem and customize hair regrowth treatment for the individual. Depending on the hair and scalp type, the individual gets an advanced and specialized hair regrowth treatment at the lowest price.

Hair Regrowth Clinics

At charisma there are a lot of advanced therapies and treatments which bring international standards to India. With new advanced machines, we take everything a notch higher. The treatments offered work exceptionally towards hair regrowth and the effect is long-lasting. The latest stem cell therapy for hair regrowth involves filling the pores of hair scalp with stem cells in order to make new hair sprout out from beneath. This new therapy has helped a lot of people in hair regrowth. 

Various factors like stress, anxiety, pollution etc can damage the hair follicle and hinder the process of hair renewal. But when it comes to charisma, with stem cell therapy, inserts stem cells into the pores of hair scalp and facilitate hair regrowth.